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Musoffa Water with Saafron (500ml)

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'White dish treatment method' - bring back the ancient religious practices perlbagai wishes and efforts to cure any illness outer and inner.

Rahisa contained therein for the secrets and wisdom of all wisdom, a cure for all remedies mentioned in Surat Al-Isra verse 82


"We Cut Out the Quran What Being Healer / Antidote (medicine) and a mercy for believers (believers) and Al-Quran" There is nothing That Adds to Tyrants Other Persons Loss "(Al-Isra'- 82)

In the Book of Tafsir Al-Munir Al-Ustaz Dr.Wahbah Zahaily (Last scholars) interpret the meaning of this verse states with Al-Syifa 'means of healing diseases and batin.bahkan apparent that he left us with a Tabiin named Said Bin Musayyib requires writing part of the name of Allah Ayat Al-Quran or melarutkannya with water and then watered kpd patient or baby.


It is the dried stigma of the saffron flower and herb known as the best (King Of Spices) that terwangi and most expensive in the world. Widely used around the world, especially in the Middle East for delicious food and is considered the best material for health, medicine, cosmetics, food. perfumes, dyes, etc. and make it expensive branded products.


musoffa water dalah special combined solution of 30 constituents of writing & reading the holy verses of the Koran and the prayers of the option to use saffron as the ink that is written in a white plate and a pen writing from the twigs.


Musoffa - is the Arabic word which means' holy sanctified. " This method is also known as 'white plate treatment' among the scholars who practice medicine and how Islam is practiced by the Prophet who passed on from generation to generation senhingga today, by making it as an effort to get all the wishes and efforts outer and inner healing.

With reference to the Shariah advisory NAQIA, this business gets in the implementation and monitoring of objectives to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Shari'a. Apart from these efforts have also obtained the blessing and support of the Mufti, the State and some scholars and practitioners of Islam

This study was also not spared from the many books refer to the venerated the world, the world's ruling clerics, etc.


Musoffa water produced through traditional methods of the scholars who emphasize delicacy and purity of the ethics in the making, the full accuracy of the source produces blessings. With Arabic writing skills, along with the hearts and minds are fully focused and humble and the high level of patience.

This method is believed to be the most powerful weapon for the effort and intent perlbaai cure any kind of outward and inward disease, and has superior efficacy and proven to be effective as long as each intended use with confidence.


Word of God says:
And we reveal of the Qur'an as a healing and a mercy for those who believe the Koran is not added to the wrong people in addition to losses .. (Surah Al-Isra '82).

Focused on the word of God above, blessings decrease the Quran to be his servant was kompleks.Ia cover all aspects of life that govern every detail of slave life on this earth. Supremacy of the Quran miracles yahng 1001 full blessing, not only as a guide but it also is an antidote to various penyakit.Persoalannya, miracles and the extent of the excess al-Quran is used by people with self-confidence as a healer.

In the treatment method of writing verse-verse the Quran using the white plate is a proven backup originally was clear and undisputed as part of a large-ulama' scholars have consensus on keharusannya venerated and we tried to highlight this treatment. The process control and water musoffa writing is very thorough and careful to emphasize quality over quantity. In the process of this treatment, some manners and discipline is maintained.



 Among the disciplines of Prescribed In The Writing Process Musoffa Water These Are:

1. Sincerely.
Making this work is to worship God by putting good faith and seek the blessing.

2. Hajat Prayer, Prayer and Remembrance:
The process of preparation before writing verses of the Quran, every writer must make prayer intention to seek mercy and blessings of Allah SWT and put that effort is just steps from the endeavor of Little slave, as cure is from Allah SWT.

3. Reading the Quran and appreciation (Tadabbur):
Reading the Quran while the meaning-meaning is actually giving power to the soul and the human spirit. Authors are required to read the Quran and do a little refresher on the interpretation of the verses to be written, for each meaning of the verses are written is to be understood.

4. Khusu ':
Manners when writing must be given serious attention and focus and it is also menggangap religious elements as well as keep the default, and so forth.

5. The Writing Room establishing Islamic Environment:
Place or external conditions is very guarded and avoided writing of all the negative elements such as entertainment and so on. This is because the process to gain the blessing it is very sensitive and highly focused questions about the psychological (soul).

6. Ablution:
While doing the writing, the author is obliged to keep ablution.

Clean between ethics outlined by the company in the process of writing this musoffa water as determined by the Bureau of Pharmacy and the health and to meet legal and quality control of medical nutrition and Malaysia...




The human body contains 70% water, where it serves to determine the health, character, personality, intellect and personality of people without realizing it. Thus, water became a symbol kebahgiaan very special to humans and all creatures of God and become the main medium is effectively used in any concept of Islamic medicine, especially medicine.


Recent scientific studies have found that water molecules face by changing certain situations either as a face beautiful and sparkling crystal, or even ugly and ridiculous as frog skin tumors. This study was inspired enough to symbolic Prof Dato Dr Hjh Zamila Bt Hussin, who became MUSOFFA FOUNDER OF WATER, which links the study of water molecules is the human civilization today.



A very special drink made with the writing and reading 30 juzu Qur'an and the prayers of healing in a unique dish using a pen of white twigs and herbs selected as an ink-quality saffron with zam-zam water mixture and written by Al Hafiz graduated from Medina, Egypt, etc who embraces the whole process of writing with the ethics in Islam, and meet hygiene Ministry of Health (MOH).

Musoffa water is a powerful method that is effective in the process of spiritual cleansing, and the health of the body comprising the human mind. It builds the water molecules in the body to be beautiful and wonderful that it is capable of achieving peace in the soul.

Serenity is what produces the active movement so as to increase the aura removed all the negative aura and toxins in the body, strengthens the immune body, invigorate the face, giving a new spirit, stabilize hormones and make the nervous system thus improving the health of the body both internally and externally.

By taking the blessings of the past methods of scholars, MUSOFFA WATER produced by the method of Islam and the technology to balance the needs of people today who need treatment to meet the mental, physical, and spiritual.

Make sure the intention, prayer and full confidence in the Quran as the miracle power of God.
Plenty of blessings to apply shafaat Messenger
Read the Bismillah and the Fatihah.
Praise and glorify Allah and the Prophet
Pray with low self-esteem with a heart full of hope.
Additional tips for the chronically ill, plenty of chanting and say good things, charity, good food and drink, pray and keep the good people of worship.

PONDER moment
Intention, prayer and faith are the special keys stored in each and every human being to open the door of Allah's intercession and blessing of Allah to kemakbulan wishes and prayers.

Efforts to use MUSOFFA water simply born of the demands and wishes only to complete. Therefore, to strengthen religious faith and claimed to produce miraculous blessing of the Holy Quran is very general.

Make sure that the grace of God is always with us because every kemakbulan prayers and wishes have to be correlated with the implicit and explicit among people with the Creator. Verily, Allah is the Most Holy and Merciful


YEAR 2000 - 2004


Lecturer in the Department of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith
Academic Studies Division and Usuluddin
Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.


Chief Editor of Religion and Philosophy Hall
Karangkraf Group Sdn Bhd
Bachelor of Syariah and Law
Higher Education Foundation,
Kelantan Darul Naim


Lecturer in the Department of Syariah
And the Faculty of Islamic Studies
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi
Bachelor of Shariah,
Al-Alia Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia
Dip.PK.GI FBI, S.P.I - Bechtel, UKM


Executive Consultant Selangor Zakat Centre
Bachelor of Syariah (Fiqh and Usul Fiqh)
Saddam University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Scholars of Holy Books venerated About Dish White Water Treatment Method Musoffa water.

• Book Abwab Al Faraj - Prof.Dr Al Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Ibn 'Alawi Al Maliki Al Hasani RA
• Tafsir Al - Munir Fil Faith Wa - Wal Syar'iyyah - Al Manhaj .- - Ustaz Ad - Doctors Wahbah Zuhailiy -
• Book Fatawa Az - As Ruqoo Zahabiyah Fir - Syar'iyyah - Group 3 clerics issued the Fatwa that: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baaz, Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al - Usaimain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdur Rahman Al - Jabrain
• Book Zaadul Ma'aad fii Had'y Khoirul Ibaad - Imam Ibn Qayyim Al - Jauziyyah
• Book of Fatawa Wal Husnul Kalam fil Ahkam - Sheikh Atiyah Saqor - 6 volumes